Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Stop, be quiet, and listen."

We are all molded and shaped by the hands of God.

We don't know why things happen.

We get mad, sad, angry, and even hopeless at times.

Events happen that make us challenge who we are.

What have you done?

Sometimes it is all in that one moment everything changes.

Do you listen to what everyone says you should do?

Do you pray for hours on end and still feel like you have no answer?

Do you challenge yourself or do you make excuses?

You know one answer is right and the other is wrong, a real choice to do good or evil.

You are so blinded that you have no clue what is right.

You break down and do things that you broke away from or never did in the past.

You feel such hurt, resentment, and abandoned from past events.

You are so afraid of that happening again.

Then you realize at that moment you are more alone than you ever have been in your life.

You fall to your knees sobbing and that moment you feel more broken than you ever have.

At that moment you think you realize what you really are.

Then you realize that you had a choice in letting yourself feel the way you did.

That you helped cause the events that lead to this moment.

You break down and pray in a way that you have never prayed before.

You feel that a barrier has been broken.

A barrier that gives you such an overwhelming peace in your heart and soul.

It's not easy to keep that barrier broken.

You keep praying and praying.

It's easier to realize we are the salt of the Earth.

Everyone has messed-up and we should not tell others we know what is best.

We don't, God does.

He has a plan for everyone.

Even at that moment we feel like God needs to speak to us, he is.

The barrier needs to be broken and we have to keep our ears open.

“Stop, be quiet, and listen.”

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